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What is the Centerpiece of your most Purposeful Giving?

The Centerpiece of your best giving is your Strategic Vision for Good, or, if you prefer, your Vision for Change. It’s the way you intentionally give to the world what you uniquely offer, in alignment with your values and in concert with others who share them, to make your community and the world better.

At Centerpiece Philanthropy, we know that you don't need to be a multi-millionaire to achieve impact. What's needed is a desire to learn, a willingness to listen, respect for views that may differ from your own and a clear plan and commitment to achieve your goals.

The Mission

My mission is to help individuals transform from donors to purposeful philanthropists, and to connect non-profits to donors who share their vision and commitment to achieve meaningful impact in the community.


“Catherine Pyke believes in the vision of women philanthropists. On two occasions, she helped me to envision successful donor events. One, highlighting the philanthropy of Jane Stanford and Arabella Huntington, was held at the Huntington Gardens in San Marino on behalf of Mellon Bank for its clients. The other, – One Common Thread – for donors, and volunteers at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, celebrated the creative vision, generosity, and philanthropic impact on women’s and children’s health through Lucile Packard’s leadership and transformational investment in healthcare for the community.”

Donna M. Bandelloni CAP

Philanthropic Consultant, Planned Giving Program Development & Values-based Giving

“Catherine Pyke helped us to rebrand Episcopal Charities to The Episcopal Impact Fund and chaired a Theory of Change committee that helped us to successfully transition and begin to realize the full potential of our name change.”

Kathleen Piraino

Former Executive Director,
Episcopal Impact Foundation


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Centerpiece Philanthropy

About Catherine

My mission is to help transform individuals from donors to purposeful  philanthropists and to connect non-profits with effective donors who share their vision to achieve impact for good in the community.